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Post  Luchomucho on Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:13 am

Hi Guest,

This is Jaguar Spirit Society Forum, a society part of Entropia Universe game.

If you are already a society member, please register and i will activate your account.  After that be sure to check Member's Welcome Message.

Else we are currently recruiting new members,
- From anywhere in the world,
- We have some experienced players that can give you advice, help & answer any question,
- We do society hunts,
- We have this forum where you can find usefull information and anything related to the society,
- We have a Head Quarter (ingame) to do society meetings & parties,
- We have a society fund, to organize society activities.

Only requirements to be a member are,
- To know english, so we can understand each other,
- To follow our rules (don't scam, don't tell lies, don't beg, don't spam),
- To be active in soc chat,
- And to be friendly.

If you want to join please apply ingame on a any soc terminal.

Hope we see you soon,
Have fun,


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